Dark Horse Allies update

I have my first Dark Horse Allies cover!

And a release plan of sorts! Kinda. Mostly.

First things first. More Than a Rescue is sweet, sexy, and short novella. I wrote it for a specific thing and now that specific thing is finished and the story is mine to do with as I please. (I LOVE that aspect of being an independent author!) Due to the length (or lack of) I want to price More Than a Rescue as a free book so I’m not doing preorders. Figuring out those logistics is more than my summer-baked brain can handle.

It will be free at every retailer that I can possibly make it so right from the start but Amazon is trickier. Because I don’t do the exclusive thing, Amazon won’t let me set my price any lower than 99cents. So that’s what I’ll have to do there. Eventually and hopefully sooner rather than later they will price match and drop their price. I’ll do my best to let everyone know as soon as the price drops. Of course you’re welcome to buy it at 99cents but I just want to be as up front as possible with everyone. It will be free as soon as I can finagle it. And of course, you’re more than welcome to report the price to amazon and nudge them along if you wish.

Monday I am sending out my newsletter and this… except without the peek-a-boo bit. So… it might not be a bad idea to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already. Plus I give away goodies and share excerpts and such.

More Than A Rescue cover reveal 30

I’ll do a website cover and excerpt reveal here on Wednesday and hopefully have the links for purchase.


Oh! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! I’ll be working both at the EDJ and on book stuff, but you know. It’s what makes the world turn.

Stay tuned!

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