Sylvie’s Salvation release


It’s here! Or at least the official release date is! (It’s only 3 days away, lol)

February 14th is the release date. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear that I struggled with this book, though after some reflection, I’m certain my struggle resulted from daily life and family issues, not the story. I’ve fought hard to get myself feeling better and my family (especially my husband! ❤ ) are pitching in more.

LOOOoooong story short. I finally got the book finished and it’s been through multiple rounds of edits. The file has been uploaded to the major ebook retailers and should drop at midnight on Feb 14th.

I can NOT tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s patience! Here’s a quick excerpt to tide you over until the 14th.


But when a silken, honey and whiskey-drenched voice spoke behind him, his hand froze even as his blood began to simmer. The sultry sound went straight to his groin. “Here you go.”

Shit. Down, boy! It was not the time or the place for his body to react in such a primal way. He turned, knowing who to expect. Sylvie. The problem? He’d completely underestimated the blow she’d land to his senses when they met face to face.

And he’d expected a Mack truck.

Short black hair, cut in a sexy, flirty style, fell just below her ears. Creamy skin covered delicious curves—just the right size for a man with big hands to hold onto. Full, petal pink lips smiled shyly up at him, and he forgot his name as thoughts of tasting them took over his mind. Those eyes? Big, bright, expressive. He’d never seen anything like them. Light brown irises, flecked with gray and rimmed with a dark chocolate border, they seemed to see straight into his soul.

What does she see, when she looks at me?

“Here’s your order.” Her voice, with its silken grip on his throat, spoke again. He swallowed hard, but she rewarded him with another lovely smile. After a moment, the happy expression dimmed. She tilted her head as if not sure what to think about him.

Damn it. He’d never had a way with words, and he was making a fool of himself.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid. “Appreciate it, but I didn’t order anything.”

She held her tray higher, unconsciously placing the bottle of beer right in line with her breasts. She wore a simple black blouse that should have been decent, boring, but she’d tied the tails at her waist. With the top three buttons undone, the shirt revealed a hint of mouthwatering cleavage. A delicate silver chain suspended a moon shaped pendent just above the valley.

“Isn’t this what you drink?” When she spoke again, he moved his gaze back to her face, thankful her voice had broken his thrall. “Your friend ordered it, said you were thirsty.”

Forced to look down again, he saw that it was indeed his brand. “It is. Thank you.” He pulled money out of his pocket to pay her.

“Oh, it’s covered. Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, here. A tip, then.” He handed her the first bill that he found, a twenty.

She started to object, but before she could tell him no, he gently cut her off. “Take it. It’s a rough crowd. I’m sure you’ve more than earned it.”

Something like sadness flickered in her pretty eyes, making his throat clinch. Then she squared her shoulders. “Thank you.” She took the bill and put it in her apron pocket before giving him another shy smile. This twitch of her sexy lips hit him below the belt harder than his cleavage peeping had. Without another word, she turned and walked across the greasy, peanut shell and bottlecap littered floor.

Once he lost sight of her delectable, denim covered ass as it swayed through the other people at the bar, he found Holloway watching him. His friend leaned against the bar between two, mismatched and battered stools and stared, his eyebrows arched high. His mouth moved at ninety miles an hour, as Holloway silently called him every dirty name in the book. Noah ignored all of it except the last four words. Ask her out, dumbass.


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One thought on “Sylvie’s Salvation release

  1. I am hooked. Each book has been better than the last. Sylvie is so strong yet naive, where Noah is the strong silent type. Only thing I missed was him sharing his pain with Sylvie. Can’t wait for the next story. These are not stand alone novels! You really need to read in order.

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