Unearth. It’s a place, not a verb.

Countless millennia ago it was unknowingly created by humans with the spark of Light that lives within each one of us. When enough Light is focused on one vision it can become a reality. Many a god and realm was born this way.

To keep the countless myriad of realms and immortals separate, they are housed in the world of Unearth, a world that parallels Earth. Each individual realm in Unearth has borders keeping it separate from the others.

Very few are able to travel unheeded to any and all realms. One such breed of immortal is the Demon Runner. Demon Runners are sparingly appointed by the elder gods. In order to make such an appointment, the elder god must give the Demon Runner a small fraction of his or her own power or Light. Though their assigned duties vary, Demon Runners act as an immortal cleanup crew, rounding up and dragging home any stray immortals that have escaped to Earth. Whether they’ve come to Earth to wreak havoc or quietly hide in the shadows makes no difference. They will be found, returned to and sentenced in their home realm.

Now, a Soul Runner, the only Soul Runner, is a character you may be familiar with. Think Grim Reaper. Death. He answers only to the Sisters of Fate. Working nearly nonstop, he’s responsible for collecting every soul that’s departed from its mortal shell at the time of death.

Overworked and exhausted, he’s over eighty years past due for his vacation. Not only is Azrael exhausted, he is burdened with the heavy weight of guilt. For the first time ever he’s been gifted with an apprentice to lighten his load. Only something goes terribly wrong and the apprentice ends up in the very abyss, they deliver only the darkest of souls to. Then to make matters worse, Lilith drops a bomb on his vacation capable of destroying both Earth and Unearth.

How can a lone woman named Diane and something as basic as love conquer Unearth’s madness?

Release week fun-Updated with winner

Two of my favorite events are happening this week, The 4th of July and the release of Azrael’s Light at Siren Bookstrand. What better way to celebrate is there than joining with friends to talk books and to giveaway goodies?

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I’ve joined up with others in the Perverts Playtime Blog Hop. On July 8th I’ll announce the winner of my prize pack, a signed Romantic Times bag. Not only have I signed it, but so has Heather Rainier, Hennessee Andrews, Corrine Davies, Peyton Elizabeth, and the wonderful Cara Covington. I took a few moments at RT to visit with them and you couldn’t find a nicer group of ladies. I have included a handmade bookmark, swag from Sophie Oak, Kalypso Masters, and a signed Insider’s Guide to Heather Rainier’s Divine Creek Ranch series.  The contest is open to all entrants, anywhere. All you have to do is leave a comment between now and July 7th.

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Karen H. has been chosen as the winner! I’ll be contacting her through email.


Again, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by during the busy holiday week.