Release Day!

Finally release day is here! I’ve been so excited to share this amazing collection of stories. I can’t say enough about the wonderful group of authors that I was lucky enough to be included with. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with my gushing except to say that I can’t recommend this anthology enough and…*insert shameless promotional hint* it’s only 99cents. At least for now.


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Meet Joe and Cara from Catching Cara!

Cara Gregory, equal parts sweet and strong. A former soldier, she works right beside the men of Dark Horse Inc., but that doesn’t mean that she’ doesn’t have a soft side. As a nurse, she gives her heart to her patients and her only family, her loving, but often difficult mother.


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Joe MacDonald, single father and sheriff’s deputy, lives his life for his family and his job. The last thing on his mind is finding female companionship or even love. But as we all know, life likes to throw us the occasional curveball.

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Together, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish…


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Excerpt time!

Doh! Time got away from me again. Imagine that.

I was invited and am honored to be a part of the Dominant Persuasions anthology. The release date is set for March 29th and preorders are live! It’s a wonderful collection of sexy stories in a wide range of BDSM flavors.

My story is titled The Sub That Got Away. Because I’m nice (or mean, depending on who you ask, lol) here’s that excerpt I promised.


Standing in the bedroom of the hotel’s suite, Ember read over the instructions for the second time. A warm, not at all unpleasant, flush stole through her. She’d come this far. She wouldn’t let her fears take this from her.

Her Dom for the night waited in the other room. As she set her tote bag in the corner chair, she pondered the steps that brought her here. On an impulse, she’d given Beth the reins and let her friend do everything except fill out the preferences questionnaire. Her friend insisted that Ember at least do that part herself. A couple of days later Beth emailed her a set of directions from her prospective Dom. She’d looked them over and gave Beth the green light.

He’d instructed her to come to this hotel, this room and go immediately to the bedroom. There she’d find her next set of instructions.

He’d also insisted that they stay anonymous for their encounter.

She agreed. With no thanks to her schedule, she didn’t have the time to invest in a relationship. Not to mention, it wouldn’t be fair to her partner. Still, it didn’t mean she had to spend her nights alone.

Laying on the bed next to a black silk hood was a letter written in neat, bold handwriting. She was to strip down to nothing then put on the provided matching robe and hood.

How she needed this. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her top. Work had been brutal over the past month and a warm bath with even the best book wouldn’t rid her of the oppressive stress. She just needed a few hours to block out the world. A desperate, clawing need to be someone else, even for a short time, threatened to drag her down to her knees.

She removed her bra and freed her breasts. Already they felt heavy, hypersensitive. She slid down her pants, folded them then placed them on the chair with her things. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties, she took a deep breath. She slid them down her legs and bared herself to the empty room. Though the temperature was comfortable—perfect, even—her nipples hardened. The thin silk of the robe whispered over her skin as she pulled it on. The soft material rasped over her beaded nipples and they tingled with excitement when she pulled the robe closed and tied the belt around her waist.

She twisted her long hair into a knot at her nape then pulled the hood over her head, blocking her vision. Dim light came through the soft fabric and the world became a fuzzy, muted place.

Taking the last instruction to heart, she stood facing the foot of the bed with her back to the door and waited. Anticipation made her alert, eager.

Long seconds ticked by.

Please let this be what I need. Hope beat a dangerous rhythm in her chest. Driven to the point of desperation, she didn’t know how she’d stand the disappointment if it didn’t work.

“Good girl.” Sounding quiet, a little rough, and all masculine, he whispered right into her ear. She hadn’t heard his approach and wondered how that could be possible. His warm presence bathed her five foot nine-inch frame. How could someone so large move so quietly?

“Since you followed my directions, we can get to business even faster.” She held her stance and waited. “Turn around, sub.”

Oh, that voice. The decadence hidden behind it alone just might make this worth it.

Preorder now! March 29th will be here before you know it!

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DomP Flat Cover