Summer Fun!

Two quick things! First, More Than a Rescue is finally free at Amazon! So if you haven’t grabbed it yet, I appreciate your patience more than I can say AND now it’s time to run and grab it!

More Than A Rescue cover 30p

And number 2 on the summer fun front?

I’m participating in the Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt hosted by Night Owl Reviews! It starts in just two days and is a fun way to find to authors and great books.

The grand prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
$900 in prizes and over 90 Winners!
Plus the winners will be announced during a live chat August 14th at 6pm PST/9pm EST in the Night Owls Reviews Chat Room!
Event Dates: July 19 – Aug 9



More Than a Rescue release update

I hit a bit of a snag this past week with a surprise ER visit but am gradually catching up on all things bookwise.

More Than a Rescue is now available pretty much everywhere a reader can buy ebooks. And it’s free, or should be everywhere except Amazon. I’m hoping they will fall in line and price match soon.  So, even if you primarily read on kindle, feel free to go ahead and pick it up somewhere else…like with the Nook app or iBooks, and then add it to your kindle library after it goes free. It’s a short little read so the price will likely remain perma-free.


Everything will be okay.

She didn’t need an extravagant affair, but Chris’s mother wouldn’t rest unless everything was perfect—meaning June’s idea of perfect, not Olivia’s.

The main reason Olivia hadn’t left all the decisions up to her future mother-in-law was cost. She didn’t have any family and didn’t need a big extravaganza to start off her life with a man she’d been engaged to for almost two years. Not to mention, she didn’t want to hand over her savings to a woman whose eyes lit with an almost maniacal gleam anytime the words marriage or wedding were mentioned.

Her and Chris’s relationship had moved into an easy, comfortable routine, and they hadn’t been in a hurry to get to the altar. His proposal came almost two years to the day after their first date.

She looked in her rearview mirror and, with his doggy grin in place, Boomer watched the scenery fly by.

She’d seen a picture of him on her social media account and those sad eyes had been her undoing. Unable to forget that face, she’d gone to the rescue two days later and filled out the adoption paperwork. She’d been totally unprepared for how much work had waited for her, but she didn’t regret a single moment. There was something so innocent about Boomer, almost childlike.

Yes, he could be an enormous pain in her ass, but she didn’t care. He was hers. They’d make this work. She crossed her fingers as she turned her car onto the county road that would take her to Riley Creek. She’d always loved the little town, but it was on the far side of a state park and a thirty-minute drive from where she lived.

She checked the time on the clock in her dash. She couldn’t help but feel that the closer to got to her destination, the farther she got from where she was meant to be.

Her car stuttered.

What in the world?

Then her car coughed.

With both hands on the steering wheel, she peered at the gas gauge. The little red needle lay just under the bottom line on the gauge and right on top of the letter E. Beside that ominous letter, a little orange dot glowed in a bright, obnoxious orange.

With one final shudder, her car went silent.



To find out what happens next, get More Than a Rescue. I’ll work on getting Amazon to fall in line with my diabolical plans for world domination. They’ll fall in line. Eventually. lol. …(Yes, this silliness is how I keep my world going when things get overwhelming. lol)

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More Than A Rescue cover 30p

Cover Reveal!

More Than A Rescue cover 30p


Isn’t it pretty? I think so. lol.

The hero in More Than a Rescue is Caleb from Catching Cara. There is only a brief mention of him where Joe MacDonald says he’s a good guy and can be trusted. That stuck with me. I figured if Joe trusted Caleb enough with his Cara, then Caleb must be worthy of his own story.


He rescues the bride and makes sure she gets to the altar while wishing she was his.


On the way to the wedding, Olivia is plagued by one calamity after another. When a handsome Sherriff’s Deputy offers her and her dog Boomer a lift, she realizes she might not want to walk down the aisle after all.


Caleb knows what he wants and tries to be patient after her abrupt breakup, but even a good guy has his limits. Although Olivia decided it was best for her and Boomer to go it on their own for a while, he’s got a favor to ask her…

When sparks ignite between them, Olivia and Caleb realize this may be more a rescue.



Dark Horse Allies update

I have my first Dark Horse Allies cover!

And a release plan of sorts! Kinda. Mostly.

First things first. More Than a Rescue is sweet, sexy, and short novella. I wrote it for a specific thing and now that specific thing is finished and the story is mine to do with as I please. (I LOVE that aspect of being an independent author!) Due to the length (or lack of) I want to price More Than a Rescue as a free book so I’m not doing preorders. Figuring out those logistics is more than my summer-baked brain can handle.

It will be free at every retailer that I can possibly make it so right from the start but Amazon is trickier. Because I don’t do the exclusive thing, Amazon won’t let me set my price any lower than 99cents. So that’s what I’ll have to do there. Eventually and hopefully sooner rather than later they will price match and drop their price. I’ll do my best to let everyone know as soon as the price drops. Of course you’re welcome to buy it at 99cents but I just want to be as up front as possible with everyone. It will be free as soon as I can finagle it. And of course, you’re more than welcome to report the price to amazon and nudge them along if you wish.

Monday I am sending out my newsletter and this… except without the peek-a-boo bit. So… it might not be a bad idea to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already. Plus I give away goodies and share excerpts and such.

More Than A Rescue cover reveal 30

I’ll do a website cover and excerpt reveal here on Wednesday and hopefully have the links for purchase.


Oh! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! I’ll be working both at the EDJ and on book stuff, but you know. It’s what makes the world turn.

Stay tuned!