A new thing! Dark Horse Allies

Like most every author I’ve met, I suffer from having far too many ideas and characters floating around in my head and not enough time. One of my biggest regrets is knowing that I’ll never be able to give them all the time and attention they deserve. I can not tell you how many story possibilities there are for the characters who are nearly as important to me as my own family and friends.

Many of them them aren’t actual members of  the Dark Horse team, but they are a definite part of that world and since the Dark Horse world spans a couple of different counties it’s kind of hard to label. And I hate to box myself in, any more than necessary. (Heaven knows almost anything could happen up in the scattered mess of my head, lol) After some thought I decided to go with Dark Horse Allies as a label for these offshoots. For now I’m doing a few scattered novellas. Some of them have been released in anthologies and now (or soon) I’ll have the rights again. So some of them are already written and they won’t take any time from my writing schedule.

The first one is coming together now and I’ll have a cover, and release date announcement very soon. Oh! AND since the first one is short, I plan to make it FREE. So bear with me and I’ll have lots of goodness to share very, very soon! *hugs*

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