Why Can’t Halloween be Everyday?

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love silly and creepy costumes and buckets of candy? Each year as a child I put countless hours of thought into choosing my costume. I could be anything or anybody and it was a important decision to make. I was a Barbie one year, a witch, a punk rocker, a cowgirl and a dancer, just to name the ones that come to mind.

This may be my daughter’s last year as a trick-or-treater. Next year she’ll be in middle school and my son left those fun, candy grabbing nights behind long ago. It’s bittersweet watching my youngest decide what she wants to be, knowing that it may be my last night trick-or-treating with one of my kids.

But, it’s made me think. Why do we only have one day a year were we can be what we want? Maybe it’s because my son and I are having college discussions or because I’m feeling burnt out at the day job. Whatever the reason, growing up and career choices are on my mind.

It’s become my hope, my dream that my children will find a career that makes them happy. Life is too short to spend countless hours in a job that you don’t like and maybe that adds to the enjoyment of Halloween and getting to dress-up as whatever you want to be. No, we can’t all be grim reapers, pirates and zombies when we grow up, but I believe it’s worth the effort and the fight to find what you love.

This year my daughter’s going dressed a tiger. Again, for the third time. Because that’s what she loves. And why not? All too soon, it will be time for her to make choices that shape her adult life. What will you be going as for Halloween?

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