Unearth update…

Azrael’s Light and Sunlight’s Kiss are in process of being pulled from ebook retailers. Very soon I’ll republish them under my imprint, Words by Night. They’ll get new covers (already in the works) and pricing that I feel is more appropriate for their word count.

Print copies already distributed to retailers can’t be pulled. I have no control over their  pricing for Siren copies already in their inventory. But I will also do a print re-issue as well. I am tentatively planning on continuing the series and combining three stories into one print anthology ( as well as the seperate ebook editions.) As much as I love those characters and that world, I can pretty much guarantee that I will return there to write more Unearth stories.

But at this moment in time, Dark Horse has to be my focus. I’m behind and HATE feeling like I’ve let anyone down. And I know how hungry readers are for stories about characters they love.  I have made significant progress on Noah’s story AND made cutbacks in both my schedule and my daughter’s. I think we were both trying so hard to do ALL the good things for her – dyslexia tutoring, music lessons and a myriad other things that we wore ourselves down to the point where we nearly canceled out any progress we were making.

As badly as I feel about that part, I reassure myself that we spent over a year trying, and trying damn hard to get my little dyslexic conundrum the help she needs. But we have lives to live too. Sooooo, I don’t know. Clearly we need to find a better balance.

Thank you for your patience. It truly means the world to me.


Edited to add! Because I’m a big dork!  Dillon’s Gift! Same situation! It’s already been pulled, will get a facelift and reissue. So bear with me and as I get the new covers I’ll update with new links, prices and all the things!