April Update

Quickie update.

First, thank you to everyone who has invested themselves in my Dark Horse series!

Peeps!? Earlier this month Protecting Kate hit number two at both Amazon and iBooks. Kate has stayed on both bestseller lists for a week and a half! Both Cara and Leigh made appearances on the iBooks bestseller list as well. I never thought I might have 3 books on a bestseller list at one time but um. Yeah. I did.

Reviews are coming in like crazy for all three books and I couldn’t be happier. So from the bottom of my heart, to my long-time readers and the new, thank you so very much. Truly.

Second? There will be more Dark Horse books! I never intended for the series to end at three books. It was very important to me that all the the threads from the first three books were all tied up, but all along I’ve planned for Noah and James to get their own stories. So if you happen to see anything out there that says otherwise? Not true. I love this series and there are at least two more coming, possibly three. (‘Cause there’s no telling what or who will crawl out of the woodwork once I get going, lol)

And I have something else that’s brewing too. I don’t have all the kinks figured out yet, but as silly as it sounds, I know the way my author brain works and this…thing isn’t going to leave me be until I finish it. It’s dark and sexy and exciting.

And a third thing…I’ll be at RT in Atlanta and will be signing at least three, maybe four events. When I get a minute I’ll try to post the specific times.

Sending my love!

image 5 - thank you

4 thoughts on “April Update

  1. Amy, just read your three books. Still wiping tears and blowing nose! They were wonderful! Can’t believe you are from Catlettsburg, Ky. I was born and raised in Ashland and moved to Lexington six years ago. Please keep writing! Wow, this series could go on and on!!!

  2. Loving your books! I can’t put them down…thank you. I was wondering if Crave will continue with Payton’s story?

    • Hi Michelle. I would LOVE to write Payton’s story. She and Paige are two of my favorite characters. Unfortunately, between the evil nightshift job, kids, and life, my schedule is crammed tight. When/if I am able to finish it, I will be sure to announce updates. Thank you so much ❤

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