Well, RT has come and gone. I spent

Well, RT has come and gone. I spent months anticipating and planning only to fly by the seat of my pants when it finally came. Then I blinked and it was over. Overall it was a great experience. I think the only regret I have is not making the time to meet up with a few of my online friends. Through twitter and facebook I have met some extraordinary people and I am kicking myself for not sticking my head our of my little turtle shell more than I did.

The rest of May could be just as hectic as the first week was. My daughter’s birthday is now less than a week away. She’ll be eleven so of course that’s a really big deal. We’ve started softball and I have yet to make it to one practice because of work. Don’t you just love the mom guilt? The week after that I am scheduled for surgery. Hopefully I won’t be down for too long because I am almost finished with another book that I can’t wait to share and I’ll be expecting another round of edits for my July release.

No rest for the wicked, huh? 

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