Protecting Kate

Kate MacDonald, former Miss Kentucky, has devoted her life to being the model wife. The only problem? It’s brought her nothing but heartache and even a tough as nails, country girl has a breaking point. She heads to her hometown of Riley Creek for a divorce and fresh start. Life is golden until her ex shows, bent on making trouble.

Sexy muscular man body, posing at white wall

Enter Trent Dawson, horse trainer and ex-soldier. He has a nose for danger and when his instincts warn him that the beauty queen’s in trouble, his mouth gets the better of him. He bids a small fortune on Miss Kentucky. It’s not long before they discover they have far more in common than either one of them imagined.

And? The danger’s far worse than either of them believed.

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Time to shake things up

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I think the biggest reason for the whirlwind in my head is that both my kids are growing so fast. Though they are almost seven years apart in age they’re both hitting big milestones this summer. My oldest is graduating high school and my youngest is moving on to middle school.

No question my world revolves around them, as it should, but our household has been in very blah routine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worked well for us. The kiddos are both doing well and they’re the best kids ever. They are my everything.

But at this point in their and my life, there’s no reason we have to continue on the merely adequate and blah path we’ve been on. It’s time to shake things up.

No, we can’t do anything totally outlandish. The kids still need their stability but there are ways that we can make changes that might bring a breath of fresh air to our world.

We’ve already made one small change and after a week we couldn’t be happier. Even though the addition means work and increased responsibility, we’re having three times the smiles and laughter.

Meet Bossco

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We found him through a local animal rescue. The only thing we know for certain is that his momma is a Beagle and suspect he has some Basset Hound in his makeup. And his little body seems a mile long so there maybe some dachshund in the mix also. We don’t know. We don’t care.

We’re in love. You never know what you’ll find if you shake up your world a bit.

Stay tuned because we’re not finished shaking yet.

Sunlight’s Kiss Cover Reveal

When a man of ice meets a lady of Light…

Like a common criminal, the good girl librarian is thrust into the harsh realm of Limbo with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Alone with no knowledge of why she’s been banished, Calysta has nowhere to go and one to turn to. She wants nothing more than answers and peace until a gruff, sexy as sin, male gives her a taste of the real world.

Cyril, loner and demon hunter, is sent to track and detain an unknown misfit. Filled with suspicion, the last thing he expects to find is an amber-eyed beauty tattered and unconscious. There’s no denying when he discovers her true nature that she sparks a desire like he’s never known. And how much trouble could one sweet, sexy librarian cause?

When danger haunts Calysta, Cyril will stop at nothing to keep her safe. But what’ll happen when his only ally is a sworn enemy?


This is the second book in the Demon Runners series and for those of you who’ve read Azrael’s Light, you may remember Cyril. It’s a treat to see the big, hard Runner knocked on his ass by the sweet and sassy, petite Calysta. Sunlight’s Kiss releases May 14th with Siren-Bookstrand.

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2014 and 2013-The missing year

Well, I figure I’m not alone in this, but I blinked and lost the year 2013. I don’t know what happened to it. It’s like this vague memory that happened 10 years ago and not just yesterday.

I mean things happened and I remember them. I worked at the day (or night) job. I had surgery with good results. I went to RT in Kansas City and Lori Foster’s RAGT. I published 2 books with Siren. And I know I’m forgetting events. Everything flew by in a Star Wars, lightspeed blur. But, overall, it was a good year.

I do have regrets. As always I worry that I didn’t spend enough time with my family. I’m kicking myself for not getting that third book submitted and accepted by the year’s end. Financially, I haven’t made the progress that I’d hoped for.

But overall, I’m not in a bad place. It’s actually a pretty damn decent place where I’m at in life. Yet, there’s more work to do. A crap ton of work to be done. And it’s past time that I put my nose to the grindstone, or in writer-speak, my fingers to the keys and get it done.

In 2014 I hope to, no, no more hoping. I will get four works published and that does not count the one I’m working on now. It was for 2013 and I need to see it finished before I begin on the others. It’s tempting to grab onto a grain of success and hold tight with both hands, but I’m going to stay on course and follow my plan. I just need to pick up my pace. A lot. Like yesterday.

I truly hope everyone has a very happy and excellent New Year in 2014. Me? I’ll be working, but at least it’s a job I love.


Why Can’t Halloween be Everyday?

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love silly and creepy costumes and buckets of candy? Each year as a child I put countless hours of thought into choosing my costume. I could be anything or anybody and it was a important decision to make. I was a Barbie one year, a witch, a punk rocker, a cowgirl and a dancer, just to name the ones that come to mind.

This may be my daughter’s last year as a trick-or-treater. Next year she’ll be in middle school and my son left those fun, candy grabbing nights behind long ago. It’s bittersweet watching my youngest decide what she wants to be, knowing that it may be my last night trick-or-treating with one of my kids.

But, it’s made me think. Why do we only have one day a year were we can be what we want? Maybe it’s because my son and I are having college discussions or because I’m feeling burnt out at the day job. Whatever the reason, growing up and career choices are on my mind.

It’s become my hope, my dream that my children will find a career that makes them happy. Life is too short to spend countless hours in a job that you don’t like and maybe that adds to the enjoyment of Halloween and getting to dress-up as whatever you want to be. No, we can’t all be grim reapers, pirates and zombies when we grow up, but I believe it’s worth the effort and the fight to find what you love.

This year my daughter’s going dressed a tiger. Again, for the third time. Because that’s what she loves. And why not? All too soon, it will be time for her to make choices that shape her adult life. What will you be going as for Halloween?

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Character Author Interview Blog Hop

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Thanks for coming by my stop on the blog hop. You’re just in time to join me at the club, Hellfire. It’s owner, Diane invited me to stop by for a drink.

“Hey, Diane! It’s great to see you. The bar’s looking good.”

“Thanks, Amy, Alice and Brick are a kick-ass team. How are you doing?” I watch as she pours five drinks in about ten seconds flat. It’s never failed to amaze me how bartenders are able to juggle so many tasks at once. I couldn’t handle the drive-thru when I worked at a fast food restaurant as a teen.

“I’m busy, but good. I just finished my third book. I’m getting ready to submit it soon. How have you been, seriously? I know things got pretty dicey recently.” Guilt hits me as I see the sparkling green Light in her eyes dim. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned that.”

“You’re fine. And not talking about it won’t erase what happened. I’m tired and worried about the missing women. I still haven’t found them all. Azrael’s helping me whenever he can.” The Light sparks into full intensity when she mentions his name.

“How is Azrael?”

A bright smile lit her features. “He’s great. He’s keeping a busy schedule, but if anyone can handle it, he can. He just realized he’s going to be an ‘uncle’. He’s started hovering over Lauren, doting on her. It’s cute to watch.”

“Azrael? Cute and doting. Oh boy. Those are two words I never expected to hear anyone use to describe him.” Tall, dark and dangerous? Yes. Deadly? Yes. Sexy as hell? Yes. But he was taken and only a woman as strong as Diane could be his equal.

“How are the kids?” A friendly smile lit her face as she wiped down the bar, pulled out a tray and poured more drinks.

“Bratty and wonderful as always.  I’m trying to teach one of them to drive while the other is driving me batty. They’re a pain in my ass and my heart and soul all tied up into one package.”

“And your writing? How’s that coming. I know it means a lot to you.” It’s difficult not to squirm while being pierced with such an intense focus.

“Good, I think. I hope, at least. I’m working hard at it, squeezing it in whenever I can. My family has realized it’s real to me and they’ve been very supportive.”

“And the Hellspital, as you call it. How are they treating you?” She tipped her chin and glowered as if she dared my co-workers to give me a hard time.

“It could be better, but it could always be worse. I butt head with the doctors from time to time, but the people in my department are good to me. We take care of each other. We have to, especially on nightshift.”

“If you have trouble, let us know. We’ll take care of it.” The green Light of her eyes darkened in color, but somehow brightened in intensity. No one messed with a friend of Diane’s.

“I will and thanks. I gotta go. Will you tell Azrael, and the crew I said hi? I miss working with them.”

“I will. You never know, you may bump into them when you work with Cyril on his story. That’s coming soon, right?”

“Yes, he’s going to meet with me next week. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’ll let you go, now, but remember. You’re one of ours now, if you need anything, you ask. No arguments.” She leaned over the bar and pulled me into a tight hug. Warmth, ease and energy flowed through me.

“Will do.”

I have one swag pack and three bookmarks to giveaway. Just leave a comment of any kind here, on my site to be entered to win my prizes 🙂  Open to anyone, anywhere. I’ll announce winners Saturday. Use the rafflecopter link below to be entered into the grand prize, a 50$ gift card!

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For more info on Diane, Hellfire, tall, dark and sexy grim reapers and my newest release, Azrael’s Light you can go here


Update 8/31/13 The winner of the swag pack is Michelle Bowman. And for the bookmarks? I’ll be emailing everyone else who entered. Everybody gets one! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Unearth. It’s a place, not a verb.

Countless millennia ago it was unknowingly created by humans with the spark of Light that lives within each one of us. When enough Light is focused on one vision it can become a reality. Many a god and realm was born this way.

To keep the countless myriad of realms and immortals separate, they are housed in the world of Unearth, a world that parallels Earth. Each individual realm in Unearth has borders keeping it separate from the others.

Very few are able to travel unheeded to any and all realms. One such breed of immortal is the Demon Runner. Demon Runners are sparingly appointed by the elder gods. In order to make such an appointment, the elder god must give the Demon Runner a small fraction of his or her own power or Light. Though their assigned duties vary, Demon Runners act as an immortal cleanup crew, rounding up and dragging home any stray immortals that have escaped to Earth. Whether they’ve come to Earth to wreak havoc or quietly hide in the shadows makes no difference. They will be found, returned to and sentenced in their home realm.

Now, a Soul Runner, the only Soul Runner, is a character you may be familiar with. Think Grim Reaper. Death. He answers only to the Sisters of Fate. Working nearly nonstop, he’s responsible for collecting every soul that’s departed from its mortal shell at the time of death.

Overworked and exhausted, he’s over eighty years past due for his vacation. Not only is Azrael exhausted, he is burdened with the heavy weight of guilt. For the first time ever he’s been gifted with an apprentice to lighten his load. Only something goes terribly wrong and the apprentice ends up in the very abyss, they deliver only the darkest of souls to. Then to make matters worse, Lilith drops a bomb on his vacation capable of destroying both Earth and Unearth.

How can a lone woman named Diane and something as basic as love conquer Unearth’s madness?

RT is almost here!

This will be my second Romantic Times convention and I think I may be more excited this year than I was last year. I’m almost packed and ready and my to-do list is slowly getting smaller. My goodies and handouts are about 95% finished. I’m torn between worrying over whether I am taking too many or not enough.

I suspect I’ve packed too many shoes and not enough clothes. So if you see a fashion-challenged brunette wondering around lost, be kind to her, lol. I’m out of my element with the whole fashion/style thing. Although I did buy a dress, lol. Who knows whether I’ll actually wear it or not.

I’ll be signing at Friday’s ebook expo and I’ll be at Romancing the Plaza Saturday afternoon. Please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello. I’m looking forward to meeting you.