Finding Leigh Release Update




Hey there!

I have a quick update on Finding Leigh’s release date. I have tentatively set March 14th for the third Dark Horse Inc. book’s release.

As of today, preorders are currently live at Kobo and iBooks. As typical, my calamity-causing tendency has somehow led me to break Amazon. I am in the middle of emailing back and forth with them over a fix. I also hope to hear from Barnes and Noble soon. So if everything goes as planned (I know, right? lol!) I hope to have preorders set everywhere by the end of this week. I promise to post the links here as soon as I get them. I will also send out my newsletter with the first except and t-shirt winners and all sorts of goodies. It’s going to be an exciting one, for sure!

I can’t express how much I appreciate all your patience! Truly.

Oh! And a quick little side note! I’m hip deep in edits and the EDJ and…and…my usual craziness, BUT in the last week or so? I made two people cry with Finding Leigh! Like happy/good cry! I can’t tell you all how badly I want to share this book with everyone!

Sending big hugs and love!




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