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Every month, usually within the first few days, I send out my newsletter. It’s been a new project for me and I’ve been learning as I go. As my current subscribers know, in appreciation, I gift one reader who enters the monthly contest a prize.  It’s been a pretty good incentive for getting people to subscribe to and actually open the email when it arrives.

But I’ve wanted to do something for my dedicated (and totally awesome) readers.  It’s because of them, that I am able to do the job that I love. It’s because of their dedication and support that I am able to send out a small monthly gift and hold the occasional contest on facebook or wherever.

So it’s been in the back of my mind that I need to do something special, specifically for those readers. Now that I feel a little bit more comfortable with my newsletter format and my ability to actually send it out on time, I want to do that. I’m still fine-tuning the details but coming in May, I should have the plan straightened out and in place. But it will likely revolve around a “slices of life” or a “window into the daily lives of the Dark Horse Inc. crew”. (I’m looking for a name for it still and am open to suggestions…) And I’ll try to keep it short but interesting and worth your time. If anyone understands the value of time, I assure you I do, lol. I’d pay money for more writing and desk time.

So, in essence there will be two chances for newsletter goodness. If you haven’t signed up yet, then, well, you really should.

Newsletter signup



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