Allow me to be silly for a moment. Yay! Yay! Yay!

And most important of all – Thank you to my wonderful readers!

You all put Protecting Kate into Amazon’s Top 100 paid list over the weekend! Kate and Trent also made it into iBooks top 100, Nook’s top 10 and Kobo’s top 10! I’m seriously blown away. In Amazon Canada? #26 in Amazon’s top 100.

So to celebrate, Protecting Kate will continue to be on sale through January 31!

And again, thank you so much! I have the best readers and you all have given me enough warm and fuzzy happiness to make it though this brutal winter and beyond!

Protecting Kate                                  Catching Cara

Amazon                                             Amazon

Nook                                                  Nook

iBooks                                                iBooks

Kobo                                                   Kobo



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2 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Amy, just finished “Finding Cara,” bit of a nail biter and soggy tissues. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Any update or status for Dark Horse, Inc 3????? Seriously, girl, you can’t leave me hanging. Thanks

    • Hi, Donna! Ending Cara’s book was tough. It runs straight into Rick and Leigh’s book and believe it or not, it hurt to stop Catching Cara where I did. That’s where the story and the characters took me. If I try to force things it always backfires later on. I am working on Leigh’s story now and from this point on it is my primary focus. Thank you so much for going on their journey with me!

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