Party time!

So that thing I keep hinting about. It’s time. My birthday is in the beginning of November. And it’s past time for me to make that leap and put out my first newsletter. So I figured I’d combine the two and make the first edition of the newsletter something worth celebrating.

So I will send out the first newsletter on my birthday, November 2nd. In it I will name 3 winners, each of whom will receive a 25$ gift card from Amazon. Each month after I will continue to send out 1 newsletter and in each I will choose 1 25$ gift card winner.

That’s it. Pretty easy right?  I promise to keep the newsletters short and simple. The only time I might send out an extra will be on release days. I’ll be sure to include something special then as well.

Here’s the link if you want to sign up – Newsletter signup

And for those of you have already signed up? Thank you so much! You will be included as well. Thank you to everyone for making my birthday fun!!

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