October is here!

It’s my favorite time of year and each year when it rolls around, I blink and then it’s gone. I know before too long the bitter cold of winter will darken my door so this year I plan to savor every moment of fall that I can.

To celebrate I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite characters, and they are right at home in the dark of night. Azrael, is and will always be near and dear to my heart. The big lug, is a quiet, stoic male who is too sexy for his own good. As a Soul Runner, he acts a deliverer of departed souls to their final resting place.

His book, Azrael’s Light, is full of quirky characters, dark otherworldiness and smexy times. It’s perfect read for a cool, dreary, Halloween night.

Excerpt ~~~

He stepped in once more and took a lock of her hair in his hand. Briefly he rubbed it between his fingers as if savoring the texture and then tucked it behind her ear, grazing the outer shell with a lingering sweep as he pulled his hand away.

“You really are a stubborn little thing, aren’t you? Beware, sweetness. That fight only makes you all the more tempting to someone like me. When your resistance finally falls, the victory is so much sweeter.”

His eyes pinning her in place and his voice compelling her to follow his lead became a lethal one-two punch, disarming her. Any intelligence and self-control she had flew right out the window. He was an incubus, luring her in with seductive words and dark promises. Her knees redoubled their efforts to stay upright.

She didn’t have time for this, and no way, no how could she make sexy eyes with a Soul Runner. What was she thinking? Every sane thought she had evaporated, and that was the problem.

She couldn’t let him get under her skin or her clothes.

“Look, Azrael, you can put away the smolder…”

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