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Holiday Hop - Siren Authors

***Update*** The contest is now closed and it’s time to choose the winners.

I used random . org to choose. The egift card goes to Ann W.  Nicole J and Vanessa N. will receive an ebook of their choice. I’ll be contacting the winners via email shortly.

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It’s holiday time! For me that means taking care of and spoiling my family (even more than usual, as if that’s even possible). Of course there are presents and baked goodies galore but it goes beyond that.

The first book that I published released in December two years ago. Combining my first book birthday with the end of the year always makes me pause and reflect. No question, I have zero regrets about hitting the “send button” on that first Christmas novella (Dillon’s Gift) or my first Siren release, Azrael’s Light, a few months later. Now I have five books total, four of them with Siren. My newest release, A Craving for Two, went live at Amazon just a couple of weeks ago.

No, I am by no means a household name. I may never be and that’s okay. But I’ll never stop writing. More than a hobby or second source of income, it’s an integral part of who I am. There are always stories in my head. Sometimes the hard part is choosing which character to listen to next, but I love them all.

So, whether you have read any of my books or not, to thank you all for for being a part of the ride that is the start of my writing career I have three prizes for three winners. I will announce the winners Saturday, December 20th. I am gifting one ten dollar egift card for Amazon, Nook, or Bookstrand, winner’s choice. Two winners will receive an ebook of mine, their choice. To enter my contest here, on my page, simply shout out Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whichever winter holiday you celebrate in the comment section below with your email addy. If you don’t celebrate a winter holiday then simply say “nice to meet you!”, or “Congratulations!” 😉 I’m easy that way, lol. The contest is open to everyone, anywhere.


Dillon’s Gift –

Stacy hasn’t celebrated Christmas in years and has no reason to change her ways. Dillon can’t understand why the most giving person he knows refuses to join in the holiday cheer. He cooks up a plan that will leave them no choice but to spend the holidays together.

Yet, he doesn’t know Stacy as well as he thinks, and there is an equal chance that things could backfire.

Will a gag gift mix-up, a game of Truth or Dare, and a blizzard ruin the holiday for them both or bring two friends together for a Christmas to remember?


Azrael’s Light – Demon Runners of Unearth Book 1

Azrael, Soul Runner, longs for a centuries-late vacation.

Diane, a former goddess, wants only to be left alone on Earth with her bar.

A selfish goddess and mad demon throw them together in a race to find the devil’s daughter. Can love conquer the evil trying to destroy them and the immortal realm of Unearth?

ajh-drou-sunlightskiss-full (1)

Sunlight’s Kiss – Demons Runners of Unearth Book 2

Banished and alone, Calysta has no one to turn to until Cyril, a gray-eyed, sexy as sin demon hunter is sent to detain her. Questions swirl, dangers haunt and the only truth they know is that everything else burns away in the heat of their passion.


Lacey Temptations – Crave Book 1

A chance encounter at Crave brings more than lingerie to Lacey’s Briton’s life. Scorching chemistry. Danger. Two sexy men and the pleasures of ménage.

For Ryan and Parker it brings them the woman of their dreams and they’ll do anything to keep her safe, no matter the cost.

What more could a woman ask for?


A Craving For Two – Crave Book 2

Nate and Sloan are smitten by sweet and sexy interior designer, Paige. When a blackmail threat escalates into a series of “convenient accidents,” the men take charge and decide the safest place for Paige is in their arms.  When the passion of ménage burns sweet and hot, can they convince her to stay forever?

For the Blog Hop my secret word is PUBLISHING. It’s the second word in the secret phrase. The link to the the entry form, is here and the Hop Home page is here. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year! *hugs*

A Craving For Two cover reveal

There’s really not much to say except that it’s here and I adore this cover. And, bonus! It’s now available at Bookstrand and Amazon. I think it’s my best Siren cover yet! What do you all think?



My fabulous cover designer, Harris Channing nailed it.

Blurb ~~

Paige Drummond has been offered the job of her dreams. Crave is set to open a boudoir photo studio and the owner wants her to do the design work. There’s only one problem. She’s given up the dream she’s worked so hard for because of a devastating blackmail attempt. Ashamed, she holds the dark secret close to her heart and refuses to tell even those closest to her.

Enter Nate Hughes and Sloan Davis, two sexy as sin contractors whose love for construction is only outweighed by the size of their hearts.

When too many convenient accidents haunt Paige, Nate and Sloan decide the safest place for her is in their arms. When the passion of ménage burns hot and sweet, can they both protect her against the unknown threat and convince her to stay forever?

Crave, equal parts naughty, class and sass.

May be read as a standalone.

Releases October 28 at Bookstrand. Available now.

Amy’s world update

I apologize for the continued blog slacking. It’s a sad excuse, but also very true that life keeps me so damn busy. Here’s a small update on what’s happening in my world.

Writerly-type stuff… Sunlight’s Kiss, the second book in the Demon Runners of Unearth series has been officially accepted at Siren Publishing and we’re looking at a mid-May release date. I love this little book and can’t wait to share Cyril and Calysta with the world. As for Crave, I’m spending nearly every spare moment I have writing the second book now. I haven’t let anyone read a single word yet but I’m both tremendously excited and nervous about this one. I’m going for hot and sweet and I think it’s turning out well. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Personal – My fingers are doing much better, finally. I know a hand/finger injury doesn’t sound like much but it’s there every time you touch something. As much time as I spend on the computer both as an author and in my real world job it’s been kinda scary. It’s still not a hundred percent healed but at least the pain level has gone way down.

My kids are keeping me busy and so is the rest of the family but that’s just how my world goes. And as long as my messy, chaotic world is rolling along, it’s all good.

Welcome to Crave

Crave. Equal parts, naughty, class and sass, it’s the one place with everything needed to fulfill your desires. Three shops in one, Crave carries a wide range of toys and tools of just about any trade, lingerie that ranges from pretty and comfy to sexy and omg-scorch-the-sheets-hot. What was the third thing? Oh yeah. Books. They have a huge selection of erotic romance and erotica. What more could a woman ask for?

Lacey Temptations is the first book in the series that centers around the store Crave and here is my lovely cover.


Ryan Marks, is a hunted man. When sweet and sexy stranger, Lacey Briton becomes a target because of their explosive chemistry, the gloves come off. He calls in his best friend, detective Parker Ellison to provide protection.

All Lacey wanted to do was treat herself to a day of indulgence at the new shop in town, Crave. Instead she finds herself whisked away to a secluded cabin by two men claiming that her safety comes above all else.

Parker can see that Lacey is meant for Ryan and refuses to act on his own attraction to the sweet and curvy beauty. But Ryan has other ideas and draws Parker in to teach Lacey the pleasures of ménage where they find more than chemistry when all three hearts become involved.

Crave. Equal parts, naughty, class and sass, it’s the one place with everything needed to fulfill your desires.

Lacey Temptations releases December 25th at with Siren.

I’ll be giving away a free ecopy of Azrael’s Light and a book thong to one reader who’s willing to tell me, which section of Crave would you go to first? Winner will be announced Thursday morning.


Update – I’ll be contacting Mary Jo and sending goodies her way! And I’ll have more fun coming up as release day nears 🙂