Puppy Love

The past couple of weeks have been rough so I need big dose of happy.



Is there a greater feeling than puppy love?



Quickie update on our baby Bossco. I think we’re closing in on his first birthday. I don’t know the exact date because he’s a rescue. He was so little when I brought him home to my husband but now he’s huge. I think he looks exactly like Dobby when he twitches his ears a certain way. He’s mostly Beagle but looks like the product of Basset Hound and Dachshund smexy times. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but his legs are all of six inches tall and his body is a mile long (or pretty damn close).

I call him Pavlov’s dog. My husband has him so spoiled that when we get in the car he starts drooling before we’ve left the driveway. I suspect that’s because the majority of the time car rides equal snack time in his world. (My poor husband practically lives off of McDonald’s and Bossco always get a small pinch off his burger.)

He’s rotten and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Do you have a furbaby?

Time to shake things up

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I think the biggest reason for the whirlwind in my head is that both my kids are growing so fast. Though they are almost seven years apart in age they’re both hitting big milestones this summer. My oldest is graduating high school and my youngest is moving on to middle school.

No question my world revolves around them, as it should, but our household has been in very blah routine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worked well for us. The kiddos are both doing well and they’re the best kids ever. They are my everything.

But at this point in their and my life, there’s no reason we have to continue on the merely adequate and blah path we’ve been on. It’s time to shake things up.

No, we can’t do anything totally outlandish. The kids still need their stability but there are ways that we can make changes that might bring a breath of fresh air to our world.

We’ve already made one small change and after a week we couldn’t be happier. Even though the addition means work and increased responsibility, we’re having three times the smiles and laughter.

Meet Bossco

photo (13)


We found him through a local animal rescue. The only thing we know for certain is that his momma is a Beagle and suspect he has some Basset Hound in his makeup. And his little body seems a mile long so there maybe some dachshund in the mix also. We don’t know. We don’t care.

We’re in love. You never know what you’ll find if you shake up your world a bit.

Stay tuned because we’re not finished shaking yet.